This is for Polleys Buses only. If you travel with another operator, please contact them directly.


In Brief:  If the roads and schools are open, buses will run at their normal time.

Buses will NOT run at any other time except under the direction of the school/s.


Parents/Guardians if you have any concerns, you have two choices:

  1. Keep your children at home and don’t send them on the bus.
  2. Call the school directly and take your children out of school early.


The complexity of issues that have to be simultaneously coordinated on the day of a potential flood requires the simplest solution – Buses will run at the normal time only.


Any decision to operate at times different to those advertised will be under direction/consultation from the local school/s.


If Polleys know in advance that they will not be able to drive down a particular road due to washouts or a flooded road or bridge, then the buses will not run along these affected roads. If this situation occurs in the afternoon, the students and the school will be advised of this at the school bus stop and students will be left in the care of the school. All other trafficable roads on the normal route will be serviced were possible.


Reasons for this Policy.


  • The School Grounds are considered a “safe zone” and is the best place for students to stay until they can be collected by Parents.
  • All students have to obtain permission directly from their Parent/Guardian to leave school early.
  • Some students miss the notice that the bus is leaving early and are accidently left behind at school.
  • If buses do leave early then there will be no second bus at the normal time.
  • The region has many other independent Bus Operators. They can and do make their own decisions to run earlier, so students connecting with these other operators could potentially be left stranded on the side of the road at the interchange.
  • In the past some students have come home early only to find themselves locked out while parents are at work.




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