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Our Team

The reputation and success of Polleys is built on one thing: Our people.

Warren Polley

Company Director

Ever since he was old enough to hold a garden hose and swing a broom, Warren has been working on and in buses. He remembers his first time driving a coach; “I was 13 and a bit, so I figured I was responsible enough to start the coach, drive it forward out of the shed and reverse it back in again. That was far enough for the first time, considering Mum and Dad were away and nobody knew what I was doing. ”

Since then driving has been in the blood and, as those of you who have been on tours with warren will know, he is still backing up - usually after going down some road just to see what was there.

Today he spends most of his time driving at the helm of the company, but loves to get away a couple of times each year with a special group of passengers to somewhere new.

Les Ould

Coach Captain

“Australia is the best country in the world,”  says Les. His passion for this country is borne out when he shares his knowledge and experience of our vast land. It is over 5 years now since Les joined the Polleys touring team. Coming from a diverse and colourful past including life as a Melbourne Jockey, one of the riders in the original Outback Spectacular and 26 years as a road train driver!  He has now swapped the solitary life of truck and saddle to share the pleasure of travel in the company of many wonderful people and has never looked back.